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A Passionate Life.... By Anne Lenehan /Page 3

In a letter to his mother, Story wrote: "I am definitely going to college as soon as possible after being discharged.... I will have a Massachusetts State high school equivalency diploma shortly as I am just awaiting test results now.... I am going to bring an end to this shifting, indifferent, no-interest, unconstructive, worthless, no-security, not-give-a-damn, miserable life that I have been living."

At Syracuse, Story applied himself and completed a mathematics-focused degree in record time, then applied to UCLA to enroll in a Master of Business degree. He was accepted and moved to California in the Fall of 1958.

Story enjoyed the Californian lifestyle immensely and was fascinated with his studies in operations analysis and computer programming. However on 14 March 1959, tragedy struck the family when his 25-year-old brother Percy, who had joined the Navy, was killed in an aircraft accident while stationed aboard the USS Wasp. Story had never been particularly close to his older brother, being of very different dispositions, but they did share a love of fast cars, racing each other on country roads on Story's occasional visits to his father's home. In a letter to his family, Story wrote that he missed his brother and would "see his face in every silver Porsche".

It was while studying in LA that Story became fascinated with the new and fast evolving world of the computer and its relationship to the human brain. His academic path was becoming clearer with his desire to study the human brain in greater detail, so, after completing his Masters degree at UCLA, Story enrolled at Marietta College where he completed a degree in Chemistry. This would enable him to apply to medical school, which he subsequently did. Columbia University, NY was to be his new base for several years.

"I got into computers and I instantly had to get to the human brain... I had to get back to the body and the human being. Operations research and computers in Graduate School at UCLA led me into the fields of artificial intelligence, neurophysiology and the mind... I'd always done that - that is, reached a certain level of proficiency in one discipline and then seen the bridges and looked at ways where it would lead to the next step."

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