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Remarkably, during his thirty years experience in the T-38, Story also carried a camera, sometimes two cameras – a Hassleblad and a Nikon – whenever he flew. Known by his colleagues for his photographic skills both in space and on earth, Story accumulated over two thousand images of the airplane, mostly as it was flying in formation. The stunning images, which celebrate both the timeless beauty of the T-38 and the magnificence of the landscape over which it flew, are captured in the forthcoming book, Spirit of Flight.

I must confess that I have never ridden beside Story as he’s piloted an airplane, but I have sat with him on numerous occasions on commercial airplanes. I’ve shared the interest of the landscape out the window and been “sent” to the back of the airplane (to the bathroom, no less) to listen to the sound of an MD-88’s engines. With over 18,000 hours experience in over 160 different types of airplanes, there is hardly anyone more passionate about flight than Story Musgrave. And an integral part of that passion is the fascinating world of the T-38 supersonic jet – and the people that live and breathe it.