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Space is a great place to get away from technology!

Launch is like a train wreck, big explosion, yes, but it keeps happening and you wonder what the end will be?!

I was always observing myself from the point of view of a detached but interested observer!

I have 25 million miles, enough frequent flyer miles for a one way trip to the sun!

I have been a crash test dummy for 30 years.

EVA [spacewalk] - going out for some fresh air.

Spacewalk - can't skin your knee out here.

At times during HST preparation, the only peace I could find was in the dentist chair.

MIR: a comet with people in it.

Rocket ship - greatest carnival ride ever put together.

When the solids light, you are going somewhere, hopefully to orbit.

Got to leave home to find out how really good it is.

At times the reality [of space] is more a fantasy than the simulations.

Nature only draws curves. Man draws lines.

Pyramids, also, will pass into sand dunes in the desert.

Space is huge, inner space is even bigger - the biggest.

Water seeks its own level; so does Story.

Live in the moment, the past is history, the future a mystery, the destination unknown.