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The NASA Northrop T-38: Photograhic Art from an Astronaut Pilot - by Story Musgrave
“We grew to push the aircraft and ourselves to the edge but never beyond. Like restless folks, we kept raising the bar, decade after decade, we always found another
peak to climb. We went together on the journey with an absolute faith in ourselves and the machine.”
– Story Musgrave
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STORY: THE WAY OF WATER - by Anne E. Lenehan
Nominated for the 2004 Eugene M. Emme
Astronautical Literature Award.

Story Musgrave's remarkable personality, determination, and talent shine through in this inspirational accounting of his life and work. Told with detail, yet in a friendly, engrossing style of narration, Story: The Way Of Water is as enjoyable to read as it is uplifting (Midwest Book Review). More book reviews at
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Stunningly beautiful images of Australia taken by astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station with poetic and poignant text by Story Musgrave. More details at
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